Defining Our Purpose


We understand elegance is not just seen, but more importantly, it is felt. From the products we select to the beauty in their arrangement, our timeless gifts impress that feeling upon your loved one. Thus, we believe in moving people with the power of elegant presentation.


We research and individually select  products that would meet your expectations of durability and life expectancy. With the help of our dedicated research team, we conserve your time by reviewing thousands of items to feature only those that you too would choose.


Committed to sophisticated gifting, we handpick cultured products that feature a worldly and polished perspective. With an eye for design and acquired taste for luxury, we help you deliver an experience, and not just a product.


Life blesses us with many reasons to celebrate, and our gifts enhance those precious moments by kindling joy, gratitude and appreciation. In doing so, we help make your special occasions that much more memorable.


Sincerity is the virtue of expressing oneself in an honest and genuine manner. We hope our curated gift boxes enable you to deliver your heartfelt wishes as sincerely and eloquently as your very own words could ever convey.

Amy Nshanyan (Founder)

Words From the Founder

"Gift giving is a fundamental form of expression; it is a gesture that speaks to one’s sense of taste, generosity, and appreciation. Even with the sincerest intentions, fine gifting that leaves a lasting impression is not always simple, as it calls into consideration thoughtfulness behind the gesture; value in the products within; and details in artful encasing. Mindful of each component, Anna & Amy curates gifts that are sincerely appreciated and never forgotten. Its arrangements are warm gestures that convey "You are important to me" and "I am grateful to celebrate this special moment with you." With each gift, we not only help you showcase the art of gifting but also help people all over the world live in the moment and create memories that last a lifetime. I hope you love the gifts you give. Thank you for choosing Anna & Amy."

Why Choose Anna & Amy 

  •  Give quality gifts.
  • Enjoy a simplified shopping experience.
  • Showcase your taste for luxury.
  • Conserve your time.
  • Show your love, respect or appreciation.
  •    Make an impression.
  • Deliver value and taste.
  • Strengthen your relationships.
  • Create memories that last a lifetime.


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