The Mission

To spread love and happiness, one gift box at a time.


Over the years, owner and founder Amy Nshanyan has built a reputation among friends and family for creating special gifts. More important than the gift itself, however, is the thought she puts into crafting and personalizing each one. Assembling such a gift involves a delicate balance between art and science; color, proportion, and symmetry all play an integral part in the experience. Not only does she find this process enjoyable, but more importantly, she feels deep gratification from the joy her creations bring to its recipients.

In 2017, inspired by a long-time dream to spread joy far beyond her circle, Amy set out to bring her passion to the rest of the world. By crafting timeless gifts imbued with emotion, she can share her own feelings of happiness and gratitude with others. Through this process, Amy not only makes gifting simple for the giver, but enables them to create their own gifting memories that last a lifetime. Join her in spreading love and happiness through a perfectly curated gift.

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  • Quality Products

    We individually select products that meet expectations of durability and life expectancy.

  • Elegantly Assembled

    We move people with the power of presentation, as elegance is both seen and felt.

  • Memorable by Nature

    We create more memorable experiences by heightening emotions of joy and gratitude in each exchange.

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