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Baby Boy Twins Box

Baby Boy Twins Box

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Knit Jumpsuits

Two (2) knit jumpsuits in ocean blue and taupe, embellished with mother of pearl button closure. 


Timeless tales authored by beloved English writer, Beatrix Potter, for baby to bond with mother while learning new words, becoming familiar with expressive emotions and recognizing darling illustrations. Book set titles include The Tale of Peter Rabbit and The Tale of Benjamin Bunny.

Baby Moxfords

A pair of two (2) baby shoes, in dove grey and alabaster. Made of vegan leather, these light, soft sole moccasins are perfect for transitioning crawling baby into the walking phase. The inside of the sole is lined with cotton to keep baby’s feet both warm and dry. Size: 2 (fits babies 3 to 10 mths) 

Silver Rattle

Harmony Ball chiming rattles are known for their simple and elegant design. They are renowned for their musicality and shimmering resonance. This hand-tuned, sixteen tone rattle is crafted from German silver, with a thick overlay of sterling. A family heirloom, its timeless and classic design makes it a piece to cherish forever.

Gift Box: 15”x 11”x5”

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