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Chic Baby

Chic Baby

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Taupe Flutter Sleeve Cardigan

Soft, chunky knit baby cardigan with dainty flutter sleeves designed to keep baby feeling warm and looking irresistibly chic. Made of 100% knit cotton and embellished with mother of pearl button closure.

Taupe Leggings

Matching thick, garter knit leggings made of 100% cotton, finished with an elastic waistband and enclosed footies for extra warmth.

Plush Bunny

Tiny Nibble is a small, luxuriously soft plush bunny finished with beautifully embroidered facial features and rosy pink cheeks. An adorable buddy to baby or a sweet addition to any nursery. Height: 8" 

Silver Rattle

Harmony ball chiming rattles are known for their simple and elegant design. They are renowned for their musicality and shimmering resonance. This hand-tuned, sixteen-tone rattle is crafted with German silver and a thick sterling overlay. Its timeless and classic design makes for a treasured family heirloom.

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