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Hello, Darling

Hello, Darling

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Plush Bunny

Introduce baby to our favorite plush and encourage play with Shaggy Hoppy’s soft, scraggly white fur and adorably pink cheeks. Height: 12"

Bunny Teether

Provide baby relief with a silicone bunny teether gentle on the gums to alleviate itching and discomfort. The silicone is BPA, PVC and lead free. The wooden ring is made of Beechwood conditioned with organic olive oil and beeswax for a safe seal.

Baby Powder

A pure, natural and chemical-free powder formulated to absorb excess moisture and soothe irritated skin. Ingredients are carefully selected to inhibit inflammation and microbial growth. Lightly scented  with vanilla amber.

Bubble Bath Elixir

A plant based and ethically sourced blend formulated to create creamy and bubbly baths without harsh drying effects. Nourish and soothe baby's skin during bath time with hints of chamomile, lavender and oat. Runs approx. 12 - 15 baths.

Mushroom Knit Rattle

Elegant cotton knit mushroom rattle to facilitate baby's development through sensory play. Designed to develop baby's auditory, hand-eye-coordination and motor skills.

Baby Moccasins

Made of vegan leather, these light, soft sole moccasins are ideal for transitioning crawling baby into the walking phase. The inside of the sole is lined with cotton to keep baby’s feet both warm and dry. Size: 2 (3 to 10 mths)

Popcorn Cardigan Set

Bunny & Fawn Layette

Fawn Swaddle

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