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Nature's Bath Essentials (Koala)

Nature's Bath Essentials (Koala)

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Healthy skincare routines and clean products are vital for babies' sensitive skin.

Bath Towel

A koala print baby bath towel made of premium organic terry cotton. This signature bath wrap best dries off baby with a plush touch and feel. Dimensions: 21”x31”

Baby Powder

A pure, natural and chemical-free powder formulated to absorb excess moisture and soothe irritated skin. Ingredients are carefully selected to inhibit inflammation and microbial growth.

Organic Baby Oil

A blend of lightweight oils, with a touch of Bulgarian lavender for a soft and soothing fragrance, this vegan baby oil is formulated to protect, nourish and gently hydrate sensitive newborn skin. This baby safe moisturizer is made in the US.

Natural Hair Brush

A brush made of fine goat hair bristles designed to groom baby’s hair, gently massage the scalp, and prevent craddle’s cap. Softly redistribute baby’s natural oils without pulling or damaging baby's hair or skin.

Gift Box: 13"x9"x4"

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