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Home may be a sanctuary - fill it with gifts of calm, quiet and self-love.

Aurora Candle

Imagine the sun peeking through an open window as an almond tart slowly bakes in the oven. The aurora candle is infused with essential oils and features notes of almond, vanilla, orchid and cashmere woods. No. 5 is both fresh and soothing. Burn time approx. 80 hrs. / candle vol. 17 oz.

Candle Snuffer

Extinguish candles safely. Candle snuffers keep hot wax from spatting and reduce the amount of smoke caused by the flame when blown. This luxe snuffer pairs beautifully with our sophisticated gold accented ceramic candle.

Weekend in Taj Mahal

Celebrate everlasting love and its grandeur like one of the seven wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal. This loose leaf tea set includes eight (8) heavenly romantic and aromatic herbal, black, and chai teas.

Glass Mug

An elegantly shaped glass mug to complete this relaxation gift set. Whether the glass is filled with light or earthy tea, the transparency and warmth of the mug emanating onto the hands will make drinking tea an even more satisfying experience. 

Flower Soap

Because a warm bath with luxurious soap that leaves the skin silky soft is a must while unwinding. Each flower is made of 35 hand-pieced petals from  natural ingredients such as coconut oil, shea butter, goat's milk and soybean. 

Rose Petal Toppings

Garnish your favorite cup of tea with rose petals for a lovely aroma and beautiful presentation. Or, simply brew 1 tablespoon in 8 ounces of boiling water and enjoy a botanical tea.

Sugar Cubes

In the spirit of winter wonderland, sweeten the tea with a drops of white peppermint mocha sugar cubes.

Tea Infuser

A stainless steel square tea infuser that perfectly measures one cup of loose leaf tea for steeping. May every cup fill one's sense of comfort and taste as divine as the last.

Gift Box: 15"x11"x5"
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